Friday, 10 June 2011

Setup a Money Making Website

Websites are the easiest way to earn money these days. Owning a website is a dream to lot of people. Few want it just for fun and few wants it for their needs. Some people want it more because they want to quit their day job. Having a well organized web site and earn money from it is not so hard. With common sense and words of wisdom from others who make money on line from their websites, you can also learn easily. Start off slow at first and test the waters with your targeted audience.

Search for a web site provider. Who wants low costs but give high quality web sites. And install a content management system (CMS) and give a frame of your site or hire also a web developer if you have less knowledge about web page coding. This way you can get a eye-catching Web site with its own server. Now select a simple and short name for your web site.

Now select one topic or few (which must be popular) to attract visitors. By this you can select your target audience. Promote the website as soon as it is done. Subject of website shuold be evergreen. If you write on specific events or topics that become obsolete pretty quickly, then you’ll have to write a lot for your site. Which make your work much harder.

Find products or services to sell which must be related to your topic. You can also Sign up as an affiliate with those companies who selling products related to your web site topic or sign up in Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. Google Adsense pays a 68 % royalty to publishers for targeted advertisement clicks. . You'll receive particular amount of commissions from any sales .if readers buy their products after finding them via a link on your Web site. Amazon associates pay a 4 to 15 percent commission on every sale. Sell advertising space on your site which will raise your profit level. There are videos, texts, images and applications that you can place on your site and you get paid per click that these receive.

In order to make money with your website, you need a lot of people visiting it. Keep updated and keep posting. Publishing monthly newsletter is the quickest ways to establish yourself as an expert on your site's topic and draw more readers to your way. Drive traffic to your website. Get it via social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, yahoo chat or other types of chatting system. On-Page Optimization is anther important issue. It will make your work easy. If you are confuse about web page optimization then hire some specialist